Every now and then, we look to astrology for answers, or just something to offer interesting ideas. But then again, we forget about the anxiety it can leave us all feeling. Sometimes the Universe can be generous and others, well, it can leave us feeling like we’re secretly being punk’d. Having some trouble externalizing energy in the recent past couple of weeks? Could be a result of this red hot retrograde  starting back June 26th. Maybe you’ve been struggling with values and ideas or trouble staying focused even.

It’s hot as hell outside and tensions are high. Mars retrograde seem to play as a reminder to be careful in how you move, as it will be easier to encounter frustrating situations during this time. You might’ve noticed a few individual’s who’s actions seem they aren’t coming from a centered, or genuine place. Instead, an angry and aggressive one. Sounds about right with the planet of War in retrograde.


So, just take the time with whatever it is you’re working on, stay focused. This is a time to re-evaluate some goals, reconnect with your purpose and remember to love yourself.  Ideally, you want to get through this period understanding how to use that fire inside for good.

Oh, and it ain’t through with us just yet .. *pours glass of wine* …

Hang in there, it’s almost over…



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