Sweater Weather: Top 6 Women’s Sweater Styles

It’s finally feeling more Fall like today in Philly, so it’s for sure time to pull out the knit sweaters! To be honest, I don’t have many in my wardrobe. It can be challenging to find one that feels like heaven against your skin vs. feeling like a brillo pad and for a pretty reasonable price.

No doubt about it, anything cashmere is ideal, I know. But, unfortunately bills don’t always allow you to spend $100 plus on a lovely cashmere all the time *shrugs*. Not saying, ever, just not always. Lucky for us, we has plenty retailers to choose from that have wonderful and affordable options for any price point.

There have been a few trendy styles including bows, ruffles and other types that have made appearances in the fashion world. However, we all know those trends are not here to stay for long. Check out my list of sweater styles every lady should have in her closet.

Sweater Styles 

1. Oversized

This type of sweater can be worn over top of a white button up, or even a satin slip dress. The beauty of this look is that you can pair it with heels or tennis sneakers. Both creating two different vibes.

2. Off-the-shoulder (a personal fave of mine, pictured above)

Going out on a date, night out with the girls? Or maybe you’re just feeling a bit sassy … three good reasons to choose the type of sweater. A nice leather knee-hi boot suits this style sweater perfectly!

3. Turtleneck

You should have both a chunky turtleneck sweater and ribbed. The chunky option is great with a pair of denim. Be it a flare jean or skinny, it will give you  a casual cool, yet stylish feel. As for the ribbed option, it hugs your body for a more fitted classic look.

4. Cardigan

Every woman will need to pull this one out every now and then for a dinner, work or a job interview. My one cardigan rarely see the light of day, but it has definitely come in handy for when I’ve had to go to any of the events I’ve mentioned above.

5. Chunky Cardigan

Another classic one. Women of all ages wear this one faithfully and it will never go out of style, ever. It’s an easy throw on addition to t-shirt and jeans, skirt, lounge pants, over your workout clothes and so on. I have a few of these, one I wear around my apartment,

6. Cashmere

This one is self explanatory… your skin will be thanking you for the softness this type of sweater gives you. More expensive for it’s amazing quality, and so worth it. Invest in one, or two.


Which style is your favorite? 


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