God Bless them 20 Somethings

It’s 2019 and I am now the dirty thirty. Is this when you start lying about your age? Or saying I’m such and such years “young” ? I don’t know .. I’ll officially start doing both. These past ten years have provided more lessons for me than any school could ever. My early twenties, I realized that I wanted things I wasn’t quite ready for, which is why the universe held off on the delivery of these things.

Thankful for this, though. Insecurities and ego are very real and hurts you more than whomever you try to project yours onto. Twenty nine years old, I finally met me. A main mental struggle I focused on? Controlling my emotions, reminding myself that everything does not deserve a reaction or my energy. Distancing myself from individuals who no longer served me in a positive way. Still actively working on a lot of things at the speed that I am supposed to. I never really set New Years Resolutions for myself, simply because if you’re not dedicated to whatever that change is – a change in numbers is not going to change your heart. Only true experience and mental growth can do that.

“The secret of style is to feel good in what you wear

– Inès de La Fressange

With that said, I still don’t work out as much as I’d like to. Or at all, for that matter No, I am not on a proper sleep schedule. No, I do not pack my lunch everyday for work. However, I strive to incorporate all of these things into my daily life. Along with being WAY more organized. I also stopped altogether worrying about what the next person has or posts on social media. I am more concerned about how I can make a positive impact on the next, or make another girl or women feel more confident about what she already has to work with. Mind, body, soul and creativity.

When it comes to, there are so many things, including bad habits that I’ve already let go of. Also, a ton of things I’d like to implement when it comes to my style and de-cluttering.

Check out the points below that I plan to do & live by to moving forward …

  • Sell or donate anything in my closet that I already know I won’t wear
  • Buy more house plants to improve fresh air in apartment
  • Be more consistent with my skincare routine (esp applying night serum). I just want to moisturize, do eyebrows and go
  • Buy more cozy cropped sweaters
  • Hang all my clothing after I’ve caused a tornado trying to find something to wear
  • Invest in a few really good suits
  • Do short styling videos (not comfortable with being on video, YET)
  • Switch up home decor every season
  • Post tips on interior styling for the home, for the minimalist
  • Stop losing eyebrow pencils
  • Drink more water. Has nothing to do with fashion, but no harm either
  • Stop wearing my daughters UGG’s and get my own winter boots
  • Buy a couple ever day belts. I haven’t the slightest clue where all mine have gone smh
  • No longer forcing myself to wear color. I’m putting my foot down. Neutrals or black
  • Find a new everyday blazer that doesn’t attract so much lint
  • Go to London Fashion Week
  • Wear more dresses that flatters my small frame. I have faith that they are out there
  • Invest in artwork for my living room

Is there anything you’re looking to do when it comes to your personal style journey?


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